Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It Happened...

You know, that conversation that happens in every household these days. The husband turns to his lovely wife and says, "Honey, why don't you write a blog?"

 Wait, what? I have facebook and for the sake of my marriage I recently joined twitter (my husband really enjoys "tweeting" and kindly insisted informed me it would make him feel loved if I, too, participated in the craze... which I have secretly come to love), but now a blog? So I had to dig a little deeper...

 "What do you mean honey?" I asked. "Well, you are at home now and I just thought you might want to have a blog. You can talk about all the mom stuff you do now. Like working out, cooking, crafts, and kids. Maybe God could use your blog as a tool to minister to other moms."

Reeeaaallllyyyyyy..... Well, thankfully I hold my husbandin  high regard, and in trusting his Godly discernment over our family, how could I say no? Maybe he is on to something :)

So, here I sit. Baby on the floor playing (a very cute little man, might I add), dinner in the other room cooking waiting to be cooked (recipe to come tomorrow!) , and me, who has yet to shower since returning from the gym, at the computer starting my blog journey.

It isn't pretty; in fact, it is usually a mess! But isn't that the best part of life? And what's more, isn't that where God shines the brightest? I know the bigger mess I make, the brighter His light seems to shine.

Speaking of messes, I have a big one to clean up in the other room. 

Has your husband ever approached you with a "suggestion" that made you laugh? 
What hobbies do you now enjoy the most after someone pushed you to try something new?

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